The GoldenEquation


Thanks to our Satellite system + Quantum computing of last generation + High Density Energy Sources + Artificial Intelligence it is possible to see inside the earth at a depth of 1000 meters.

We can perform environmentally friendly and socially responsible prospecting.


High Accuracy

Our satellite technology allows us to have a millimetric precision, to discover millimetre by millimetre the interior of our subsoil, up to 1000 meters underground.

We can qualify and quantify each of the elements that are inside.

We are worldwide representatives and we contribute scientifically and environmentally to its development.

We believe that this is the best technology in the world for geological prospecting.


3D Model

We see three-dimensionally everything that hides the subsoil with real precision and layer by layer.

Mineral exploration

We can see all the treasures hidden under our feet in mines (gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc.), deposits (oil, gas, etc.), specialized search for objects, caves and aquifers up to a thousand meters deep.

Subsoil data

We accurately extract subsurface information with minimal environmental impact and without loss of time.

Satellite tracking and evaluation


Prospecting of subway geological aquifers.

Development of environmental post mining programs.

CSRP - Stand By Reserve Biovessel.

Maritime exploration for visualization, study of basalt, search for shipwrecks.

Gems & Crystals with or without NI 43 101 certification

CSRP & Artificial Intelligence


Tropical microbiology prospecting.

Banking information storage, Other banks.

Microbiological Aspects GEN BANK, non-monopolization of transgenics.

CSRP Gems & Crystals with or without NI 43 101 certification.

Specialized search for objects below and above ground.

Presentation of 3D plots of land

According to research



The subsoil contains 70% of the planet's riches and today, in a sustainable manner, they are within its reach.


Floor plan with coordinates of the location of the environmental reserve.

Profile plan of the location of the tested reserve.

Identification of the proven reserve in a given area.

Evaluation of the mining reserve.

Final Report
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