We can solve world hunger by cultivating the coasts and deserts with seawater.

We can turn seawater and the sands of beaches and deserts into the world’s agricultural deserts.


100% organic farming


With inexhaustible sea water and direct sunlight or renewable energies we have simplified the process and can control it from a cell phone.


Main advantages


In 2021, 720 to 811 million people worldwide suffered from hunger. globally, malnutrition in all its forms remains the greatest challenge.

The world spends $18 billion a day on food and $4 billion more needs to be produced to make up the current shortfall, a total of $22 billion a day.


We have the solution to reduce hunger on the planet and enter a market of 8.030 Billion dollars a year.

In two years to impact 1% of this market through the UN – AND MULTILATERAL INSTITUTES.

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