The world’s need for fresh water amounts to 400 billion cubic meters per day, resulting in a need for water desalination by 2030 of 500 million cubic meters per day, and we have this proven and certified technology.

Water is currently required for 2.1 billion people in the world and this figure will rise to 3.5 billion by 2035.


We provide the best technology


Our technology can be used anywhere on the planet without resorting to grid power or permanent wind or sun equally needing the most sophisticated companies.

How do we meet the global water deficit for 2.1 billion households, for global water purification and desalination?

We do this by integrating two technologies powmagnet and ion desalination when we integrate ion doping and electromagnetic energy.

Target market


Desalinated water processing is the second most widely used system for bringing drinking water worldwide. The United Nations is leading programs to stimulate research and development in this field on all continents. After all, most, if not all, countries in the world are looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions with low energy consumption. With this technological breakthrough, Colombia is in a prime position to multiply and share this solution worldwide.

Target customers and market

It is a global market with a worldwide potential that is already developed.

In general, the issue of water availability is addressed, every day, all over the world. The initial focus is on Latin America and, later on, on any country with similar shortages and a high interest in versatile solutions.

Market size and potential demand

The water processing market represents 18% of the total existing water market. This market will continue to grow as the world's fresh water sources begin to deplete, our potential market is concentrated in this 18% of the global water market.

Communities that are organized in small nucleated centers pay a basic fee per liter of water that would be used for preventive maintenance of the equipment. Communities that do not have an organization, however, must be subsidized by the local or state government, as is the case in Guajira where we have the system operating in 40 indigenous communities.


The IONICPOWER can be marketed around the world in areas with brackish water, or non-potable water. This will be done through companies and professionals that provide this service in their regions. And we have advanced some contacts in Central and South America, but we hope to have the monitoring system incorporated.


The availability of exclusive and costly solutions for the end user, isolated, non-competitive, of high technological complexity, difficult to operate and tune, all using a percentage of electrical energy obtained from various sources such as wind turbines, grid energy or solar energy.

New concept

IONICPOWER relies entirely on electromagnetic energy IN SITU to desalinate and purify water through reverse osmosis technology and the incorporation (nanotechnology) of silver and copper ions in osmosis membranes (RO).

Added value and features

The product and its applications


This product can be implemented in multiple locations and needs: Urban areas, small towns, tourist and recreational lodging, single-family homes, complementary and peripheral services for agricultural development and housing projects worldwide.

Isolated jungle and coastal communities, cities, nucleated centers, tourist centers, single-family dwellings, forest ranger families. Schools.

The incrustation of silver and copper ions (nanotechnology) can also be applied to any purification equipment that uses RO membranes, thus improving its performance and avoiding the formation of Biofilm, this is another commercial application that derives from this technological development, extending the Technology to a global scale, in hotels, communities, etc.



A competition analysis clearly and concretely indicates that it would have no or very little rivalry in any market in the world, analyzing and only comparing it with the variable of the current cost of production by electric means and/or fuels; the cost of producing a liter would be reduced by 60%.


The installation cost of the IONICPOWER DESALINIZATION system will allow us to produce desalinated water at less than US$ 0.50 per cubic meter.

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