Eckux facilitates transactions between users, providing a technosystem designed for the exchange between people and businesses, through an electronic wallet, integrated with payment gateways for online merchants, buyer protection system for remote commercialization, sending and receiving money instantly, as well as a powerful and friendly P2P system, which guarantees the exchange of funds and currencies between users in a secure manner. Ekcux works with thousands of payment methods.


To whom is it directed?


Ekcux is designed to provide solutions to today’s common person, both entrepreneurs who sell independently and informal, to online businesses that have their own apps and want to automate their collections in a simple and fast way, as well as people who want to make money trading by participating as a transaction processor for other users.



Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone who wants to buy or sell products and services on the Internet, thanks to Ekcux's purchase protection system that guarantees security in every transaction.


With Ekcux's powerful API, any online merchant can easily and securely collect payment in an automated way for all sales made in their e-commerce or market place.


More than a P2P, Ekcux offers easy tools for people to exchange currencies in the payment medium of their choice, earning commissions for processing transactions requested by other Ekcux users.



Responsive Interface

The web application will look great on mobile even without the use of the mobile app.

Unlimited payment methods

Thanks to ekcux's P2P system you can deposit and withdraw through thousands of payment methods available worldwide.

API & Woocommerce Plugin

A powerful API to connect to any third party platform, both websites and mobile apps, plus a Plugin ready to install and start charging on any Woocommerce store.

OTP System

With the One Time Password, users are provided with greater security by sending a temporary code to their email to perform certain actions such as withdrawals, transfers, among others.

Transaction history

Users can view each transaction in real time.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

User identity verification system.

Simple and intuitive interface

EkcuxWeb Platform

EkcuxMobile App

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