Ecocampus Energy

Whatwe do?


Ecocampus Energy S.A.S., is the developer of SEROE, for which it has a group of personnel in charge of research in the optimization of renewable energy.




The world is in a process of energy transition. While the discussion about how long resources such as oil and coal will remain in the energy generation basket and supply, new technologies and energy efficiency have led to the exponential advance of renewable energy.
new technologies and energy efficiency have led to exponential advances in renewable energy.

Technologies that a few years ago were not viable due to their costs, such as wind or solar energy, or that were barely considered in pilot plans, are already beginning to show a greater participation in the energy matrix of the future to reduce emissions and advance in the decarbonization process.


SEROE product:

Renewable Energy System withElectromagnetic Optimization.


Modular Electromagnetic Organizer System, formed by a set of Induction Motor, model MIT-0920 and Turbine type Magnetic Generator model TT – 0620, integrated with a Metallic Container of maritime type.

Opt-321 is a Magnetic Resonance Optimizer that Amplifies Electrical Power, also composed of an inverter, a turbine and an AC (Alternating Current) Magnetic Induction Motor with Resonant Electrical Coupled Circuits.

Resonant Coupled and Scalable Electrical Resonant Circuits, integrated in a marine type metal container.



Adaptedfor you


Start-up energizing system

  • Energization by: Solar panels, Ionic, Generators
    Wind, AC, Thermal, or any type of renewable energy.
  • Batteries, Accumulators, up to 100 MW 6 batteries are required.
  • Inverters ref. IT - 0320.
  • Charge control module.
  • Synchronization and monitoring system.

Starting system

  • Induction motor model MIT -
  • Electronic speed
  • Load control system.
    Cooling system.
  • Safety thermal relays.
  • Battery voltage 24 VDC

Generator system

  • Electromagnetic turbine model TT - 0320.
  • Voltage regulator.
  • Isolation.
  • Ground fault protection relay.
  • Power 5 KVA / 500 MW.
  • Voltage 110 T, 220 T and Three-phase.

Container type protection cabin

Self-supporting 20 or 40 feet maritime container type metal cabin, with anticorrosive treatment of high resistance to weathering and corrosion in humid and saline environments.

Finished in baked polyester powder paint. Contains control module, monitoring and emergency button on the outside, internal and external video system, satellite alarm system.