Hydrogen H2



Now is the time for an industry that is emerging with the world’s fastest growing demand for hydrogen production on a future carbon-neutral planet.

Countries representing almost 90% of the world’s GDP have public support policy initiatives for hydrogen.

Contexto regional en Colombia


Why GEN H2 Hydrogen?


Hydrogen could reduce 20% of global carbon emissions.

Hydrogen can flow almost 3 times faster than natural gas, making hydrogen pipelines cost competitive (power to gas).

Hoy en día, la producción de hidrógeno representa el 2,2 % de las emisiones mundiales de gases de efecto invernadero, más que las emisiones de las aerolíneas.

In Industry

  • In long-distance transport, green hydrogen can be more competitive than the electric battery.

  • The technology is getting cheaper every year. The falling cost of renewables and electrolyzers used to produce green hydrogen: down 50% in the last 5 years, and estimated to fall by a further 60% to 90% before the end of the decade.

  • Hydrogen is a high-efficiency, low-pollution fuel that can be used for transportation, heating and power.

  • Generation in places where it is difficult to use electricity or as a CO2-neutral feedstock for chemical processes (ammonia-fertilizers).

  • Unlike electricity, hydrogen can be successfully stored in large quantities for extended periods.

The simplest molecule

But the most awaited challenge for the planet


Ecocampus Group & NHU Planet


Produce and deliver a kg of hydrogen between $1 USD and $2 USD to compete with current prices of other LNG energies.

Become a reliable partner to decarbonize multiple industries.

Comply with technology that impacts the life cycle in all processes.


We know how to do it and we have the technology


Phase 1:

  • Hydrogen GEN H2
    Budget and conceptual engineering of commercial prototype.
  • Prototype financial modeling and commercial pilot (production cost and revenue projection).
  • Working sessions with specialized team.
  • Equipment procurement. Impact strategy Development.

Phase 2:

  • Prototyping and commercial phase feasibility.
  • Prototype is built, data is collected and results are analyzed.
  • Data collection and analysis of results.
  • Pitch and discussions with potential partners.
  • Field work and progress on impact strategy.
  • Final product development roadmap.
  • Engineering advice for commercial plant.
    Complete CAPEX validation.

Phase 3:

  • Project implementation, monitoring and improvement (global scale).
  • Process standardization and certification
    Develop and improve current project revenue stream: transportation sector.
  • Improve global production facilities
    Life cycle assessment.

Ionic Power Desalination



The world’s need for fresh water amounts to 400 billion cubic meters per day, resulting in a need for water desalination by 2030 of 500 million cubic meters per day, and we have this proven and certified technology.

Water is currently required for 2.1 billion people in the world and this figure will rise to 3.5 billion by 2035.


We provide the best technology


Our technology can be used anywhere on the planet without resorting to grid power or permanent wind or sun equally needing the most sophisticated companies.

How do we meet the global water deficit for 2.1 billion households, for global water purification and desalination?

We do this by integrating two technologies powmagnet and ion desalination when we integrate ion doping and electromagnetic energy.

Target market


Desalinated water processing is the second most widely used system for bringing drinking water worldwide. The United Nations is leading programs to stimulate research and development in this field on all continents. After all, most, if not all, countries in the world are looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions with low energy consumption. With this technological breakthrough, Colombia is in a prime position to multiply and share this solution worldwide.

Target customers and market

It is a global market with a worldwide potential that is already developed.

In general, the issue of water availability is addressed, every day, all over the world. The initial focus is on Latin America and, later on, on any country with similar shortages and a high interest in versatile solutions.

Market size and potential demand

The water processing market represents 18% of the total existing water market. This market will continue to grow as the world's fresh water sources begin to deplete, our potential market is concentrated in this 18% of the global water market.

Communities that are organized in small nucleated centers pay a basic fee per liter of water that would be used for preventive maintenance of the equipment. Communities that do not have an organization, however, must be subsidized by the local or state government, as is the case in Guajira where we have the system operating in 40 indigenous communities.


The IONICPOWER can be marketed around the world in areas with brackish water, or non-potable water. This will be done through companies and professionals that provide this service in their regions. And we have advanced some contacts in Central and South America, but we hope to have the monitoring system incorporated.


The availability of exclusive and costly solutions for the end user, isolated, non-competitive, of high technological complexity, difficult to operate and tune, all using a percentage of electrical energy obtained from various sources such as wind turbines, grid energy or solar energy.

New concept

IONICPOWER relies entirely on electromagnetic energy IN SITU to desalinate and purify water through reverse osmosis technology and the incorporation (nanotechnology) of silver and copper ions in osmosis membranes (RO).

Added value and features

The product and its applications


This product can be implemented in multiple locations and needs: Urban areas, small towns, tourist and recreational lodging, single-family homes, complementary and peripheral services for agricultural development and housing projects worldwide.

Isolated jungle and coastal communities, cities, nucleated centers, tourist centers, single-family dwellings, forest ranger families. Schools.

The incrustation of silver and copper ions (nanotechnology) can also be applied to any purification equipment that uses RO membranes, thus improving its performance and avoiding the formation of Biofilm, this is another commercial application that derives from this technological development, extending the Technology to a global scale, in hotels, communities, etc.



A competition analysis clearly and concretely indicates that it would have no or very little rivalry in any market in the world, analyzing and only comparing it with the variable of the current cost of production by electric means and/or fuels; the cost of producing a liter would be reduced by 60%.


The installation cost of the IONICPOWER DESALINIZATION system will allow us to produce desalinated water at less than US$ 0.50 per cubic meter.


Seawater greenhouses



We can solve world hunger by cultivating the coasts and deserts with seawater.

We can turn seawater and the sands of beaches and deserts into the world’s agricultural deserts.


100% organic farming


With inexhaustible sea water and direct sunlight or renewable energies we have simplified the process and can control it from a cell phone.


Main advantages


In 2021, 720 to 811 million people worldwide suffered from hunger. globally, malnutrition in all its forms remains the greatest challenge.

The world spends $18 billion a day on food and $4 billion more needs to be produced to make up the current shortfall, a total of $22 billion a day.


We have the solution to reduce hunger on the planet and enter a market of 8.030 Billion dollars a year.

In two years to impact 1% of this market through the UN – AND MULTILATERAL INSTITUTES.





A space where imagination has no limits, where thematic, science and fun are shared.


A project in good hands


The Nhu Planet – Ecocampus Group has the advice and representation of one of the most important companies in the world in the development of these projects as well as its team of professionals and scientists to ensure total success, personal and financial satisfaction in the Nhu Garden Park to be developed in Colombia.


Employment source

It generates 200 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs outside of concerts, research, scientific projects in botany and biology, and stimulates a regional commendation of artists, artisans, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, tourism and construction.


The golden equation

The GoldenEquation


Thanks to our Satellite system + Quantum computing of last generation + High Density Energy Sources + Artificial Intelligence it is possible to see inside the earth at a depth of 1000 meters.

We can perform environmentally friendly and socially responsible prospecting.


High Accuracy

Our satellite technology allows us to have a millimetric precision, to discover millimetre by millimetre the interior of our subsoil, up to 1000 meters underground.

We can qualify and quantify each of the elements that are inside.

We are worldwide representatives and we contribute scientifically and environmentally to its development.

We believe that this is the best technology in the world for geological prospecting.


3D Model

We see three-dimensionally everything that hides the subsoil with real precision and layer by layer.

Mineral exploration

We can see all the treasures hidden under our feet in mines (gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc.), deposits (oil, gas, etc.), specialized search for objects, caves and aquifers up to a thousand meters deep.

Subsoil data

We accurately extract subsurface information with minimal environmental impact and without loss of time.

Satellite tracking and evaluation


Prospecting of subway geological aquifers.

Development of environmental post mining programs.

CSRP - Stand By Reserve Biovessel.

Maritime exploration for visualization, study of basalt, search for shipwrecks.

Gems & Crystals with or without NI 43 101 certification

CSRP & Artificial Intelligence


Tropical microbiology prospecting.

Banking information storage, Other banks.

Microbiological Aspects GEN BANK, non-monopolization of transgenics.

CSRP Gems & Crystals with or without NI 43 101 certification.

Specialized search for objects below and above ground.

Presentation of 3D plots of land

According to research



The subsoil contains 70% of the planet's riches and today, in a sustainable manner, they are within its reach.


Floor plan with coordinates of the location of the environmental reserve.

Profile plan of the location of the tested reserve.

Identification of the proven reserve in a given area.

Evaluation of the mining reserve.

Final Report

Ekcux Fintech



Eckux facilitates transactions between users, providing a technosystem designed for the exchange between people and businesses, through an electronic wallet, integrated with payment gateways for online merchants, buyer protection system for remote commercialization, sending and receiving money instantly, as well as a powerful and friendly P2P system, which guarantees the exchange of funds and currencies between users in a secure manner. Ekcux works with thousands of payment methods.


To whom is it directed?


Ekcux is designed to provide solutions to today’s common person, both entrepreneurs who sell independently and informal, to online businesses that have their own apps and want to automate their collections in a simple and fast way, as well as people who want to make money trading by participating as a transaction processor for other users.



Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone who wants to buy or sell products and services on the Internet, thanks to Ekcux's purchase protection system that guarantees security in every transaction.


With Ekcux's powerful API, any online merchant can easily and securely collect payment in an automated way for all sales made in their e-commerce or market place.


More than a P2P, Ekcux offers easy tools for people to exchange currencies in the payment medium of their choice, earning commissions for processing transactions requested by other Ekcux users.



Responsive Interface

The web application will look great on mobile even without the use of the mobile app.

Unlimited payment methods

Thanks to ekcux's P2P system you can deposit and withdraw through thousands of payment methods available worldwide.

API & Woocommerce Plugin

A powerful API to connect to any third party platform, both websites and mobile apps, plus a Plugin ready to install and start charging on any Woocommerce store.

OTP System

With the One Time Password, users are provided with greater security by sending a temporary code to their email to perform certain actions such as withdrawals, transfers, among others.

Transaction history

Users can view each transaction in real time.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

User identity verification system.

Simple and intuitive interface

EkcuxWeb Platform

EkcuxMobile App